Bakker Brothers supports Congolese charity foundation Mwasi Makasi


Bakker Brothers lends their support to Mwasi Makasi, a Dutch-Congolese foundation dedicated to improving women’s living conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The foundation helps women start agricultural projects teaching by teaching them how to cultivate crops to sustain themselves and their families. These crops serve as food and source of income, as surplus vegetables can be sold on a local market.

We have supplied Mwasi Makasi with several thousand seeds of different crops such as beans and eggplants. Mwasi Makasi has three acres of farmland, tools, and an agronomist at their disposal to instruct participants how to successfully grow their crops. With our seeds, we hope to better the lives of the women involved in this project.  

For more information on Mwasi Makasi and to make a donation, please visit